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Our Coral Springs Team installs pool tile with care to create a quality deck of your dream.

Coral Springs, FL Pool Tile

When designing and planning the pool deck of your dreams, you might consider pool tile. Whether you’re considering the benefits of waterline tile or are looking for a full deck done in glass tile, stone tile or porcelain and ceramic tile, Pool Deck Coral Springs in Broward County, Florida will work with you to create the deck of your dreams.

Lining a pool with tiles has long been regarded as the premium finish swimming pools. Pool tiles are durable and beautiful, either made of glass, stone, porcelain or ceramic. Each offers its own benefits but the installation of any of these types of tiles creates a feeling of luxury and further enhances relaxation.

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For an elegant looking pool decks, Coral Springs glass mosaic tile is the best.

Glass mosaic tile has a stunning visual impact, as the sun will reflect off the tiles, creating a luminous sheen. Every sunrise and sunset adds an extra element of beauty to your backyard. Additionally, glass tiles are incredibly durable. While other types of pool pavers have a 25 year life span, glass tiles hold onto their looks and integrity nearly indefinitely. Glass mosaic tiles are often a top pick of homeowners who want to play with color and light to create something elegant and uniquely their own.

We are specialized in pool customization with Coral Springs stone tiles.

Stone tiles are easy to maintain and give a natural look which will seamlessly blend in with any backyard or outdoor space. Travertine pool deck is a great choice as this material doesn’t absorb heat and is popularly used for coping. Utilizing coping when creating your pool landscape will help create a unified appearance, as well. Diamond Brite swimming pool finish, which is a blend of select quartz and aggregates, is an excellent stone finish choice for new or refinished swimming pools. Diamond Brite colors are multitudinous, meaning you and Pool Decks Coral Springs will have no trouble creating a custom pool deck.

Coral Springs Stone Tile
Coral Springs Pool Tile Durability
Coral Springs pool tile is durable. It can stand the test of time.

Like glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles are non-porous. This means water is unlikely to seep in and loosen the tiles. As your pool ages, these pool tiles stand the test of time. Porcelain tiles are beautiful but also incredibly durable and are resistant to scratches and damage. Porcelain tiles are good on toes too, as this material isn’t a heat absorber. The tiles are also soft to the touch, keeping swimmers safe from scratches and scrapes. Porcelain and ceramic pool tiles are a popular choice for Coral Springs and Florida residents when designing their outdoor space for these features as well as for their customizability. Ceramic tiles can be hand painted to create any desired pattern.

For many, waterline tiles are a must. Pool tile is simple to clean, meaning as a ring forms around the sides of your pool, wipe down will be a breeze. Why do pools form a ring? The same way your bathtub might form a ring, pools do too. Whether it be from the weather and elements, pollen, sunscreen or body oils that find their way into the pool or calcium deposits and minerals that build up due to hard water, scrubbing a tile water line is easier than scrubbing a cement or plaster deck. Waterline tiles also add an attractive design element.

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